Ancoe Property Inspections recognizes that not every property requires the same type of inspection. Because each property is unique, we offer a wide range of home inspections ranging from new home to thermal imaging. We at Ancoe are committed to excellence and helping you gain the necessary knowledge and tools about your home, so that you can put yourself in a good position and get the most that you deserve. A complete list of the type of inspections we offer is listed below.

  • Pre-Purchase Home Inspections
  • Pre-Sale Home Inspections
  • Home Warranty Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Commercial Inspections (Industrial, Warehouse, Office etc.)


Homes that have been previously lived in, have a history to them. Many times this history is quite apparent and other times much more subtle. 

We can help reduce the risk of of unexpected costs when purchasing a home by pointing out issues that may need to be resolved for health and safety reasons, for economic reasons, or that need further evaluation by a specialist. Our comprehensive pre-purchase inspection report will help provide more leverage and bargaining power.


Don’t be surprised with last minute negotiation. Before putting your home on the market, know in advance what a buyer’s inspector would find. 

With our comprehensive pre-sale inspection report you can decide whether to make any improvements to the home to help it sell more quickly and for more money. Similarly, you can choose to reflect the condition of the home in the asking price. Either way, the home is likely to be more appealing to more buyers, and to sell more easily.

Home Warranty Inspections

Ancoe Inspections provides Pre-delivery & 30 day, and One Year and Two year warranty inspections using the Tarion Performance Construction Guidelines. We make you aware of performance related issues caused by workmanship and material deficiencies that you may have missed and that are warrantable. 

You can read more about all this by clicking on the Tarion link in the Links section on this site and download a copy of the New Construction Guidelines.

Thermal Imaging

We offer Thermal Imaging as an added service to Home Inspections. Infrared thermal imaging shows temperatures varations on surfaces. It is a non destructive means in detecting roof leaks, plumbing leaks, insulation voids, air infiltration, air exfiltration, moisture infiltration, electrical problems, plumbing leaks and construction defects. 

If you would like to have a scan performed during your inspection, let us know.

Appliance Recall Check

Tony Coelho

Antonio is the principal Inspector at Ancoe Property Inspections. After graduating with High Honours from the Home Inspector Training Program at Sheridan College, he became a member of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors and Completed all requirements necessary…

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You buy a house, you pay a guy with a brain to find flaws, issues etc. He finds them… tells you about them, makes a report… blablabla.  The difference with Ancoe and Antonio is that he continues to help you afterwards.

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